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Sembrando semillas de paisajes latentes

This video document two sowing and planting actions of endangered species along the Po River (Italy) which are part of the project “Sowing Seeds of latent landscapes”. First part was shot in Ariano Polesine, nearby the Po River Delta where an ancient monumental 500 years old oak stands isolated on the riverbank in front of the agricultural desert. It document the fly of the Flying Seeds Sieve (a kite-shaped flying sieve containing a selection of the forest seeds from the Padan Plain). Second part was shot at “Lanca dei Francesi” closed to the city of Parma, a disused sand quarry that is actually undergoing an experimental re-naturalization pilot project of the Emilia-Romagna Region. It document the construction, plantation and cultivation of endangered species on the Seeds Spreading Islands (floating micro meadows of aquatic flora planted in a porous support of recycled plastics materials).

Landscape evolution

Animated Movie showing the potential evolution of the Po River landscape that reemerges recovering its aquatic, wild and lush latent components beyond the agricultural desert. The transformation is suggested by the metaphorical flight of the Flying Sieve Seeds at Ariano Polesine, nearby the Po River Delta.