— Living Devices


Living Devices Lab is a research project within and beyond the fields of urbanism, landscape architecture and architecture.

Attempting to transcend the simplified request for “green” increasingly directed at planners and designers, we are interested in exploring design strategies where human habitats, social practices and natural processes can interact within interdependent conditions of mutual benefit.

Our research stems from a reflection on the fragility of natural systems in our environments.

Is the urban horizon, intended as a global trend and presumed inescapable by dominant current narratives, the ultimate field of action and imagination?

Or could our actions and imaginations become the engine for tracing new fields of possibilities?

Could the reinterpretation of territories as places marked by ecological complexity reveal unexplored or rejected potentialities beyond urbanization processes?

What if the boundaries between nature and culture are softened to expand the concept of “community inhabiting a territory”, extending this to soil, water, plants and animals?

What if new forms of cooperation between humanity and nature are explored?

What if new collective urban/rural practices result in an increased care for local biodiversity through re-imagination?